Technical Live Streaming Guide

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In order to view our live streams, you will need the following:

  1. Internet connection – We stream at a number of bitrates to cater for the widest range of devices and connection speeds. For 720p HD quality (best), you will need a minimum consistent download speed of 3mbps.
  2. Audio – shortly before the live streamed event starts, we usually stream a holding image and some music. The music indicates that the stream is coming through and lets you test your speakers before the start of the event.
  3. Flash plugin on some desktop browsers.


No Video or audio
If the event has started and you are not receiving the stream and only see a static holding page, you’re either experiencing a browser or firewall issue.

Some browsers may require Flash to be installed or don’t have the required plugins. Please try another browser.

Some corporate firewalls block streaming video. You can either contact your IT network manager or use an internet connection outside your organisation (for instance at home or on 3G / 4G mobile data network).

No Audio but video is OK
This means that your device sound is muted or your audio output has been set to another device instead of your computer speakers (for instance Bluetooth headphones). You can change this in your system settings. If this is tricky, you can try another device.

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